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    How Do We Sell at Such Low Prices?
    We've sold chia seeds for 13 years and have great relationships with our growers. We only sell Chia Seeds!

    Need A Wholesale Order of Whole or Milled Chia Seeds?
    If you need a large supply of whole or milled chia seeds, call Don at 520-399-6277. We have competitive prices and delivery from warehouses on both coasts.

    Using Chia Seeds for Horses?
    We have prices as low as $2.47-lb. on 55 lb. bags of chia seeds for horses. Please call 520-399-6277 to place your order.

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Why Our Chia Seed is the Highest Quality sells only the highest-quality, raw chia seeds:

Most Nutritious Variety. We sell only the Salvia hispanica variety, which provides more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other chia variety.

Grown in Cool Temperatures at High Altitude. The most nutritious chia seed is grown in cool temperatures and high altitude. Our chia seed comes from mountainous central Mexico at the cool elevation of 5,100-ft.

Chemical-Free. Our chia seeds are cleaned without chemicals. It is organically grown without the use of pesticides or chemicals.

How Can We Sell Chia Seeds at Such Low Prices?
We started selling chia seeds 12 years ago and have great relationships with growers of high quality chia seeds. Chia Seeds are the only product we sell!