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    How Do We Have Such Low Prices?
    We've sold chia seeds for 15 years and have great relationships with our growers. We only sell Chia Seeds!

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Many athletes have successfully incorporated chia seeds into their diets.

Chia Seeds have a high protein content which aids athletes in recovering from intense workouts.

Chia Seeds also help athletes stay hydrated longer. Chia Seeds are capable of holding over nine times its weight in water. This helps you stay hydrated much longer.

Chia Seeds also help endurance athletes build stamina. Athletes can increase their endurance by eating chia gel (chia seeds soaked in water) before workouts or races. This gel allows for the slow absorption of carbohydrates into your system and provides more energy during exercise.

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How Can We Sell Chia Seeds at Such Low Prices?
We started selling chia seeds 15 years ago and have great relationships with growers of high quality chia seeds. Chia Seeds are the only product we sell!